I'm also taking photographs of local landmarks to include with the articles. They will gradually be upgraded as I get better ones. Some don't have any titles, so you can try to guess what they are!



Welcome to my history pages. They are mainly about Kingswood and Soundwell to the east of Bristol, but items on the surrounding vicinity and Bristol in general will be included.


When the first map of Kingswood was made in 1610 it was nearly all forest, stretching from Royate Hill and Don John's Cross in the west to Warmley Brook in the east. From north to south it reached from Downend to the River Avon at Hanham. For the purposes of this site that will be Kingswood, give or take a bit!


Part of my plan is to look through newspapers from 1700 to 1950 for stories about the area that I find interesting. I'll also be examining old maps to see how they relate to the modern landscape.


All of the newspaper articles are taken from The British Newspaper Archive, unless otherwise stated. Spelling and punctuation are as printed in the original papers.


If I get anything wrong, please feel free to contact me.


Cheers, Mike Thomas

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The Fountain at St George, once the site of Don John's Cross, one of the gateways into Kingswood Forest. Left was London Waye and right was Bathe Waye.