1670 Map of Hanham




The map doesn't look that different to Hanham today. The main road, and what are now Whittucks Road, Memorial Road, Abbots Road and Court Farm Road are still there. The sites of Hanham Court, Barr's Court and Hanham Hall (Mr Jones's) are shown and the Queen's Head pub at Willsbridge was open for business back then.


The building shown as Syvester's could be The Blue Bowl public house, but I'm not sure. Hanham Mill is also shown.


A large looking building called Sir Richard Hart's is no longer there, but he was a Bristol merchant and MP who lived from 1637 to 1702. There is a biography available online at The History of Parliament website - here is a small section:


"Indeed, his resentment towards the government was apparent during common council proceedings at Bristol on 1 Apr. 1691 when he complained of the recent impressment into the army of three Kingswood colliers in violation of the liberty of the subject. He also warned that such occurrences might easily provoke the volatile Kingswood men into attacking the city, or withholding crucial supplies of coal".


























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