1672 Map




This map looks a bit confusing at first, not helped by by north being towards the bottom left corner.


Bristol is clearly shown in the bottom right corner, with the main London road going out through "Dungeons Cross" and into Kingswood.


The main thing to notice is how the forest is now divided up into the areas known as Liberties, with the names of the relevant landowners marked on the map. The numbers of acres and cottages that had been built at the time are also shown in each Liberty. Coal mines are shown by small squares.


The Sodbury and Bath roads are there, but the Mangotsfield Way from the 1610 map doesn't seem to be important enough to be included.


The parishes of Bitton, Barton Regis and Mangotsfield share a common meeting point in the centre, again presumably near where number 1 Regent Street (Connell's estate agent) stands today. There is a boundary stone in the alley outside, although that may date from 1897 when Bristol expanded its borders.


Warmley Brook is shown as Kingswood Brook and there are two large looking ponds on it. I believe one was at Charnhill and the other where Fisher Road is now, hence the name.