1750 Map


1750 MAP


Here we can see the Liberties again, and also the tracks and lanes that were developing into the roads of today.


There are two tracks running roughly where Soundwell Road is and the path across Siston and Rodway commons looks like it is still there. I'm guessing that the cross-road by the C in "Cock's Wood Hill" is where the Jolly Cobbler pub now stands, with Pool Road, Sweets Road, Pound Road and the top part of Chiphouse Road joining there. Pound Road joins into what looks like Holly Hill Road curving up towards Kingswood. I could be wrong though!


The route of New Cheltenham Road heading across Siston Common also looks largely the same as today, although on the 1842 map it is less clear. Some parts of Station Road in Lower Soundwell look recognizable too.


The other main features are what were known as The Levels. These were drainage channels dug deep underground to take water away from the coal workings. The mines ran along the routes of the The Levels.


One level starts at "The Flagg"near modern Soundwell Road and goes south for a while, then heading east, parallel with the main Kingswood Road, before entering Warmley Brook (here called Syston's Brook). There were 30 odd mines along this route.


Painter's Level seems to run near Middle Road and others nearby look like they are associated with Chiphouse Road.


Potter's Level and Cool's Level run to the south, into Stroud Brook on what later became the Bristol boundary. Another, Mr Player's level runs East to the brook at Warmley.


Many cottages also appear, along with the names of the owners. It would be interesting to find out if any remain standing.

Click on the map to see a large scale version, which you can zoom in and out of. The map is shown sideways at the moment - I'll try to figure out how to adjust this.

Bridge over Warmley Brook on the path from Siston Common to Rodway Hill. There was a bridge here then, as shown on the map.